The Value of Time

Nothing makes me crazier than waiting on someone who is not on time. In my opinion, you are pretty much telling me, “your time is not important to me”. Of course, this irritates me on a much higher level in the workplace than in my own personal life.

Today, I waited on someone I should not have been waiting on. After all, they requested the meeting with me.

I value my time. In fact, time is probably 1 of the things i value most in life. Time with loved ones, time to myself, more time. If some1 were to propose a 36 hour day, i’d vote a resounding YES (please)!

My current boss always says “I’m a dollar waiting on a dime” meaning his time is more valuable than mine. And while technically, i agree, (if he is making $100/hour & I’m making $10/hour; the cost per hour of his time is much more valuable than mine) my overall thought is i really don’t care who you are or what your perceived “value” is. If you ask for my time, be on time. Plain & simple. (btw, this has nothing to do with my boss i’ve just always wanted to say “i’m a dollar waiting on a dime” and now i have 🙂

So, here’s to respecting each others time on this fine Friday afternoon.

And I’m blogging…

Well, this is it. I’m blogging thanks to @mollythornberg

Here’s what you can expect from my blog.

1. Honesty. Unfortunately, i tell it like it is. You might find yourself often saying “She can’t say that” while reading this. But, i will say it. And if you tell me I can’t say it I will probably say it louder; possibly even in all caps. Cuz, I’m a rebel like that.

2. Humor. Seriously, i’m funny. Even if only in my own mind. I laugh at myself and yes, I’ll laugh at you.

3. Storytelling. I love telling a good story. And I have plenty of them. They are almost 82.63% accurate at all times 🙂

4. Topics. Mainly, i’ll probably be talking about a few topics I hold near and dear.

A. Selling, Managing, Marketing, Social Networking. The first 3 are just my favorite parts about my working life, the last a newfound passion.

B. My family. Let’s face it i love them and more importantly, they provide the best material.

C. Things I’m interested in like travel,exercise, food, what makes people tick,  the Seminoles,  etc.

Other than that. I make no promises.

Enjoy the ride. I know I will.