Drainer vs Charger

Last week, I went to a strength class taught by my good friend Celia Dubey.

When she was not trying to kills us, she spent some time talking to the group about what kind of person we wanted to be?

She basically said everyone is either a Drainer or a Charger.


Think of the people in your life.

After you spend 1 hour with them are you feeling drained or charged?

How do they feel after they spend an hour with you?

We all know “drainers”. They are the people you see in the store and you try to duck into the next aisle before they see you or whose number comes up on your phone and you hit ignore. Whereas, chargers are the ones that immediately bring a smile to your face. You feel energy from them immediately.

The good news is we can control if we want to add value or take it away from most situations in our lives. I hope my friends, co-workers and family consider me a charger.

So, what are you?

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