Alternate Views

Bear with me as I’ve just spent 36 hours in Jordan, the last 8 at Petra. Lots of walking to do at Petra. And lots of great views. check this out.

IMG_9290[1]Amazing right? And all of it is carved by hand.

This is the Monastery in Petra. To get there you climb alot of stairs. Alot. So many that every local out there tries to get you to not climb them but instead take a ride via “insert animal here”.

Well here I was hiking up those steps and it got me thinking (Well, to be honest, the first thing I was thinking was why in the heck did I not say yes to the camel, donkey, horse, “insert an animal here” ride up this mountain they had offered.

And then I started thinking about other stuff. Stuff like my “problems” and my life and what was I going to do about XYZ. And then, I had an epihany.

Look at this photo.

IMG_9320[1]The side by side view is literally the top and the bottom of the same set of staircases. It looks like it’s an entirely different area but it’s not. In fact, at one point I thought I had gotten lost but i had not. One way up & one way down to the good old Monastery but completely different views along the way.

So, it got me thinking.

How often in your life do you only see a problem and no solution is near? It happens to me quite a bit. So what if we changed our perspective? (physically or emotionally).  I can bet whatever it is you are facing would look a lot different with a different view.

Who knows you might even see a solution you hadn’t found before?