Google Venice

Sometimes in life you get lucky.

Like today, when as part of an industry conference I got to tour Google HQ in Venice, CA.

Believe the hype people. It was everything i had expected and more.

Google BuildingIt was cool.

Starting with the building.

Originally designed by Frank Gehry, even the space was designed to inspire.

And of course, the people. Laid back. Good sense of humor.

My favorite quote was by an employee who when I asked if we could take pictures quickly responded “Sure, go ahead. If we don’t like it, we’ll just erase it remotely”.

Even their rooms were cool. The one we were in was called the Big Lebowski and it had it’s own rules.

IMG_6379[1]It had employee perks that made us all want to apply. Like a coffee bar, a juice bar, complete meals anytime you want (all FREE) a work out area, outdoor spaces to die for, ability to take bikes or surfboards out at any time and my personal fav, a dog park inside the facility.

And of course, it had it quirky stuff. Like random things all over. A wall with all the variations of Google logos so far. Space ships, a rock climbing wall and random signs.

Amazing space. Amazing day with some great colleagues.

Of course, we learned some things as well. I actually took notes!

Here’s some stats provided by Google that made me think:

  •  3.2 billion google searches a day
  • 100+ hrs uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • YouTube is the LARGEST cable network currently available to reach young adults.
  • Most live streams in internet history was the Felix Baumgartner skydive from space. Second, was the Royal Wedding.
  • Self defined role of Google: To envision the Future

Here are some stats specific to sports/entertainment industry:

  • Tickets & live events comprised 2.5% of google traffic in 2012. If you think that’s a small number consider Google traffice is north of 1.5 Trillion (that’s Trillion with a T).
  • 79% of all online sports tickets purchased start with a search engine.
  • 3.9 is the average number of searches BEFORE a live event conversion.
  • NHL attendee’s are 13x more likely to visit YouTube than the average.
  • Google display and YouTube account for 20% of referrals to sports sites in the last year.
  • YouTube reached 27.7M of sports fans yesterday.

I’ll end with this. My favorite sign of the day and so very, very true.