Why I’m running another 500 miles this year…

I actually think of myself as a creative person. It may not be evident since I’m launching the same running goal for myself as I did last year. But, cut me some slack i have a hockey season to prepare for!

You can read all about my running 500 miles journey of 2012 here. And here. And the victory recap is here.

So, why if I accomplished this am I doing it again? The answer is simple.

1. I like to set goals and achieve them.

2. I actually like spreadsheets. Back when I was 7, i had a similiar spreadsheet my Dad made me except it tracked all the winnings of the Price is Right contestants so I could see which one actually really got the biggest price. Yes, I’m a competitive dork.

3. I like accountability.

4. I like to inspire others and hear about their successes.

For all these reasons (plus the fact many of you have been all over me to come up with something for 2013 and i tend to react well to peer pressure), I’m back at it.

Same rules apply. Same prizes apply monthly.

If you want in, all you have to do is send me your email and i’ll give you the link to the spreadsheet.

Happy Running!

PS – i have also added a side goal of completing 3 half marathons this year. I know I’m doing Chicago in July and Savannah in November. Am still debating others so i am stepping it up a notch (kind of). HA!