Election Marketing

Whew, it’s over. I pretty much hated everything about the election.

Disclaimer: I’m a Republican and voted for Romney. I also believe he lost because Obama out marketed him.

Fortunately for all, this blog has nothing to do with my affiliation or even the outcome of the election.

It’s about Marketing.

And what those of us who do that for a living can learn from the Campaigning process.

Here’s a quick list of things I learned:

Know your target audience. Now this is tough for a lot of people to hear but as true to both campaigns, they didn’t spend a ton of resources on the people they knew were in their corner. They both focused on the battleground states and spend a lot of money trying to influence prospective clients rather than the ones they already had. It’s doesn’t mean you ignore your core as you will see later but they key to the game is NEW customers.

Know what you want people to do & make it easy for them to do that. Somehow I accidentally ended up in the Obama database. Well, actually it wasn’t an accident. When I was trying to educate myself on the issues Obama owned the SEO (search engine) and so he came up more often. Kudos to him. Owning your SEO is a key marketing plan.

I also firmly believe he won b/c he got more people to vote than ever before. He did this in 2008 and again this year. He did it by making it simple. Here’s a sample email I got on election day.

Lynn — 

The polls are closing in a few hours.

If you’ve got any nervous energy, there’s plenty you can do right now to have an impact on the results tonight:

1) First, make sure you vote, if you haven’t yet. You can find your polling place here:


2) Then, forward this message to everyone you know to make sure they vote, too.

3) Finally, jump on our call tool to reach voters in key states to make sure that they know where they can go vote — and that they do it:


All of our hard work comes down to what happens right now. Let’s not leave anything to chance.

Thank you,

Use all Marketing means possible to get your word out. I got emails, voicemails, direct mail. Anything and everything and constantly. I even heard Obama on Pandora radio. Apparently the less is more philosophy doesn’t work for a campaign. At one point I was getting easily 8 emails a day asking me to donate to the campaign. While for most of us in marketing barraging people like this leads to unsubscribes, it apparently worked here. My point is not on frequency but more about the method. Direct mail is not something that is used as much anymore but I found it effective. When there’s nothing really in your mailbox anymore, a direct mail piece stands out. It’s like the clutter of direct mail has shifted to email marketing which is making me reevaluate direct mail.

Rally the Troops through social media. Hopefully, you have fans of your product.  Obama & Romney did a great job of encouraging social media as a platform. They both  had ardent fans fighting for them via social media. They encourage fans to “like”, RT etc and made it easy for them to do so. Best part of social media is it’s free.