Why I’m running 500 miles in 2012…

I wish there was some heroic reason for me deciding to run 500 miles this year. And I wish I currently looked like this girl to the left. But neither of those things are true.

The unfortunate truth is I’m competitive. So, i do better when I can measure against others.

And I was tired of sitting on my butt during a LONG hockey season and not making time to exercise.

So, on Jan 1 when I was setting my goals, the idea to challenge my friends and co-workers to attempt #500milesin2012 just seemed like a great idea. And it some days it really was.

Over 100 people committed to run. Apparently, alot of people felt the same way I did and needed some motivation.

And guess what? Inspired by my blog, WigWam socks donated a pair of socks for each of the runners. They came in a huge box to my office. Now, THAT is cool!

In fact, it was one of the coolest emails I’ve ever gotten. Who knew a company like that cared about the little people.

And the socks, holy cow! There truly is a difference. I will never run in another sock again. In fact, I don’t even call them socks. I call them “running cradles”.

Thank you Wigwam! The people’s choice 🙂

Currently, we are over 1/4 of the way there. I’ve personally run 160 miles in 4 months. As a group we have run over 5000 miles. If you are doing the math, you can tell we’ve lost some people. We are down to about 40 core runners.

Probably because it’s not easy.  On the surface, 10 miles/week seems relatively simple.

Simple to do like once. Every week for 52 weeks is a different story. It’s tough.

Truly a mental game each week.

But, i keep going b/c I came up with this idea. Plus, alot of you when you aren’t cursing my name have sent me very encouraging notes about what this running challenge has done for you. So, thank you for all those participating.

And it’s not to late to join the challenge.


An Easter Blog

Today, as millions celebrate His resurrection, I celebrate my relationship with Jesus. And the fact that i have one. In spite of myself.

It’s kind of one-sided. He loves me. I do stupid things. He still loves me.

It’s not something I talk about very often. In fact, for the last week as I’ve debated writing this blog I’ve questioned myself many times. I mean, it’s easy for me to write about things I love. If you know me at all, you know I love my family, friends, sports, the outdoors, the beach, my dogs, the Iphone, and the Seminoles yet you may not know I love Jesus.

I think this is because Jesus is offensive. He always has been which is pretty ironic if you know anything about Him and what He stands for.

I once posted I was going to church (which I actually do regularly)  and someone asked me if the walls were going to crumble. It’s a fair question I guess based on some of my history. I’m far from perfect. I guess that’s called being human.

I actually hate the word religious. Mainly b/c it’s so-called “religion” that is behind most of what is wrong in the world. More damage has been done to the innocent in the name of religion than I care to rehash.

I even struggle with the label Christian although that’s much more acceptable mainstream. I think that’s because half of the “Christian’s” I know, I don’t really like. Actually, I don’t like. There, I said it.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of hypocrisy in the church. Of course, there’s hypocrisy everywhere but it’s seems to be most offensive when done by people calling themself Christians. See “religious”.

Truthfully, I’d rather hang with the people those Christian’s call sinners.

Not sure why I am writing this other than it came to me while running and seemed important to get out there. This blog isn’t to try and convert anyone. Frankly, that’s not my job. Nor do I want it to be. I’ve got enough problems trying to get myself up to my own standards.

Easter is about HOPE. In fact, it’s the greatest story of hope I know. (Matthew 28:1-10)

I think about the state of the World and am saddened daily. Bad things happen to good, innocent people. Our circumstances seem overwhelming.

Yet, today is Easter and it’s the story of good news. There is HOPE.

Yes, even for people like me. And you.

A friend posted this poem by Phillip Brooks today. I thought it appropriate to end this blog.

Tomb, thou shalt not hold him longer.

Death is strong, but life is stronger.

Stronger than the dark, the light.

Stronger than the wrong, the right.

Happy Easter. Here’s to Hope for all people.

Management Lessons from the Hunger Games

By now, if you are human and on a continent you should at least have heard of the Hunger Games.

Let’s face it. The marketing and social media behind this has been nothing short of amazing.

However, in case any animals or dead people are reading my blog here’s the official trailer.

I’m not here to go into the movie. I do recommend you see it though. But first, do yourself a favor & READ THE BOOK. One, reading is good for you. Two, it makes the movie, this movie in particular, all the better.

Now that we got that out of the way, here’s some basic management lessons I learned from the Hunger Games.

1. In the absence of leadership or in the presence of bad leadership, people will rise up.  With bad leadership, this is a given. In the Hunger Games, almost all the leadership is bad.

But, what was interesting to me and the twist is, people are capable of more than you are probably giving them. The most unlikely person (Peeta) has immense potential when motivated.

2. People are inherently good. And more importantly, they want to be good. Do good. Help. Etc. The movie is called the Hunger Games. It’s about cold blooded killing. Yet, the heroine, Katniss never kills the innocent unless its a must. And she helps out the less fortunate (Rue, her sister, even her hated cat) whenever she can. Give people the ability to do good and they usually will. Doing what’s right is infectious if you set the environment.

3. People react differently to different leaders. Katniss, only opened up to a few people. Cinna was one. I remember when I first realized everyone was not wired like me. People are motivated in different ways. Figure out what motivates someone individually and the whole team will perform better. Haymitch is an excellent example of this in the movie.

4. “The only thing more motivating than fear is hope”. this is an actual quote from the movie. And it happens to be my favorite quote. We all know leaders who are fear based motivators. Unfortunately, this often works to get results. However, it’s best to use “hope”. Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And hope will win every time.

5. Love really can conquer all. Watch Katniss and her sacrifice for her sister and you know. Love is the single biggest motivator in the Hunger Games. I know it’s weird to talk about “love” in relation the work place. I don’t expect my employees to love me. But, I do hope they like me enough that they want to do a good job. And I hope that together we do meaningful work they can be proud of and even, love.