The World is no longer flat.

So, apparently Russia borders Alaska…

That’s a little nugget I didn’t realize until today.

Was skyping with my brother today and he was asking me about vacation spots. I say this b/c it’s important to set up the fact that even he considers me a travel expert.

Well, expert might be a little strong (and a self given title) but I do LOVE to travel.

As we are discussing various destination options for him to take the family he says rather casually “well, I do have to go to Russia so maybe when Julie (his wife) is back in the states we can just go on a weekend trip and leave the kids with the parents”.

This made me laugh b/c I’ve been to Moscow and um, it’s not exactly close. In fact, I think my flight from Chicago to Moscow was give or take, around 11 hours. And I’ve been to Alaska which last I checked was on the West Coast of North America. Next to Canada. And the opposite direction of how I flew to Moscow.

See map to the left.

So, as I’m telling my brother this, I notice my brother is googling. And he is googling big time. Of course, he’s not backing off his statement, he’s just searching the internet in the same manner children go after the candy from a busted pinata.

You have to know our family dynamics to get real insight into the situation unfolding. Trust me, although the conversation sounds harsh and we were literally screaming, it’s done with love. I’ll try to describe:

Me: “you are a total moron. I’m embarrassed to say you are my brother”.

Him: “Russia borders Alaska you idiot, it says so on google”

Me: “you are crazy.”

At which point we skyped in my father b/c after all, He is the man that we believe loves maps more than his children.  He promptly, called us both “adopted” and told my niece to please stay in school and pay attention so she doesn’t end up like us.

Now, imagine versions of all these statements at very high decibels with a lot of insults and sibling rivalry that dates back 36 years. And of course, we are all laughing. We are betting lunch, my first born and anything else we can think of.

Then, my brother (still frantically googling) says these words and I know, technically I have lost.

“Lynn, the World is no longer flat”.

And sure enough, the map to my left proves him right.

Apparently, Russia does kind of border Alaska.

In fact, as my brother pointed out in one place it’s a 5 mile difference.

Who would of thunk?

Now, before I let this get to my brother’s head, this is not a victory for him.

See, I knew what he meant and he had no clue. He really thought they could do a weekend jaunt from Chicago to Russia. And while technically you can, you’d spend more time in a plane than on land. Plus, there is no part of Russia that is close to Alaska that anyone in their right mind would travel too. I dare you to look at that map and prove to me there are human beings up in the alaska/russia border.

The reality is he got lucky on google and is smart enough to change tactics mid stream. That’s a strength, like I mention in my Taboo post so he get’s points but not the “W”.

Bottom line, I’m keeping my first born.

But, it did get me thinking.

Often, I’m sure I’m right.  But, in reality I only know what I know.

Sometimes, I’m so confident in what I DO know that I’m not very open to other ideas. I learned a valuable lesson today.

The world as we know it is no longer FLAT.

And, I, unfortunately, am not always right!