Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care.

Yep, that’s right, such a thing exists. I found out about this whole concept a few months ago when I saw a deal on GroupOn. If you know me at all, you know i’m a sucker for GroupOn.

So, when this GroupOn came up for $10 for a day of dog care, I jumped right in. The GroupOn promised hours of fun& frolicking for the pups but what sold me was the thought of wearing their ass out and easing my guilt of a typical 14 hour work day.

I finally got around to calling and the call went something like this:

Me: Calling to reserve a spot for 2 black labs for tommorrow at Dog Dorks (um, yes i kid you not this is the name).

Dog Dorks: Great, will this be their consultation visit?

Me: If you mean, their first time, yes!

Dog Dorks: Ok, we will have to set up a time to observe them so we can place them in the proper play group. This process will take 4 hours and needs to be scheduled in advance. You must drop them off before 8am and must pick them up before noon. Noon – 2pm is nap time and we can’t disturb there regular schedule.

And we now interrupt this regular phone call for a reality break. I kid you not, that’s what she said. If you are like me, there are a million questions running through your head like “consultation for dogs?” “did she say nap time? how does one force a group of dogs to nap between 12-2pm?”. “these are dogs right? not children?

To be honest, i’m still a little in shock about the whole situation but i’m a trooper so i forged ahead.

Time to meet the girls. This is Koiya, aka “The Golden Child”. First born. We’ve been best buds for almost 9 years.

She’s the type of dog that makes all parents yearn for another one. I can hear it now “This one is so great, she’s perfect. Let’s have another”. Well, that’s where the mistake happens b/c like I constantly tell my parents when referring to my younger brother “Why didn’t you stop with me? When you had it perfect? You know you can’t repeat that again?”

Which brings me to Simba. A pup that came into our lives 6 years after Koiya when (once again) the “I work too much” guilt ridden Lynn decided Koiya needed a friend.

Simba is retarded.


She barged into our lives and i’ve spent more than a few days regretting her. Koiya has pretty much spent all of her days regretting her. In the pic to the right she is guarding a weighted ball (like the kind you work out with). most dogs would go after a tennis ball, but no, Simba wants a work out ball that weighs 5 lb to carry around.

Like I said, retarded.

So, Good news! We survived the consultation so apparently my dogs aren’t as retarded as i thought. Or maybe this place is like the slow bus for dogs, i mean their is the word “dork” in it’s name. It could be like the people version of space camp.

Regardless, we passed.

Today was the first day of real fulltime doggie day care for the mutts. I dropped them off promptly at 7pm where i was informed i must be back by 6pm or there would be fines. In fact, if i’m not back by 6:15, the dogs get put in a lock down situation where they must stay the night.

Again, I kid you not. Real story.

I’m in unchartered territory people. I literally panicked. All day I was worried about making it there by 6. What if i was in a meeting? What if I couldn’t leave on time? What if there was traffic? How will the dogs eat if they get put in lockdown? Do they get punished if I’m late? Will they know they’ve been abandoned?

Bottom line is, I don’t think the Doggie Day Care is worth the drama. I think my backyard where it’s safe with no rules will be just fine moving forward. So to sum up: Doggie Day Care: 1. Lynn: 0

And…………… i’m out.

PS – Of course the Golden Child came home with an award (literally a paper saying she was chosen Dog of the Day and a bag filled with treats). I was fully expecting Simba to have papers filled with red marks and a note requesting a parent conference but she made it out clean.

Commanders Intent

I stumbled across this video and loved it. I’ve been thinking alot lately about intent vs command and this brought them both together for me.

Often, as a leader people misinterpret what I say or mean. Yes, maybe I should be a better communicator (we all can) but in general i think this is a nationwide problem. Anything can be taken out of context. I say something and when it’s relayed (bc i’m the boss) the “intent” is not correct but b/c they attach my name to it, it goes forward as some sort of written law.

And it’s not just me, i see people doing it with my boss as well.

Person A:  “Well, He said.”

Person B: “But, it makes no sense”.

Person A: “Well, He said”

Person B: “ok then”.

Conversations like that make me want to beat something.

Often, “said” is not what is meant.

Which is why I’m a huge proponent of “intent”. And building a culture of intent.

For instance, if everyone knows what the company is trying to accomplish (build a fan base, make people feel included, have fun) then words surrounding “how” to do those things are not as important as the “intent” to make them happen.

I like that. I like giving people freedom to do what’s right. What the company intended. What I intended. In fact, I think if we judged more on someones intent rather than words (and sometimes) action, the world would be a better place.

I think the best leaders are ones that communicate “intent” and give people the freedom to follow the intention. Do you agree?

Thankful for Thanksgiving – A 30 day challenge

So, I can’t take credit for the idea. On November 1, i noticed multiple friends posting a tweet or FB post on something they were thankful for. Then, on November 2, it happened again. Being smarter than the average bear, I figured it out. And I joined in, making a promise to myself to be thankful for something every day during the month of November.

November is my favorite month and Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. Something about Fall and Family. But, we have a tradition my Mom started where we all spend some time on Thanksgiving talking about what we are personally thankful for this year. I love that.

I don’t know about you but it’s very easy for me to think about what’s wrong in my life. Something is always irritating me, my dogs, my parents, my job, my friends, FSU losing 🙂 It’s easy to dwell on what we don’t have. But sometimes, i forget how good i have it.

I’m sure you know the saying but if everyone you know were to walk to a single destination and throw their problems into a pile, you’d probably decide to pick your own back up. The truth is, I’m blessed in too many ways to count.

But, I’m gonna try. To count at least 30 of them.

Day 1: Thankful I now live in Florida

Day 2: Thankful for Skype so i can talk to my sweet neice & nephew who now live in Dubai

Day 3: Thankful for FSU, not only for my education and lifelong friends but for a football team I can be proud of even in the rough years.

Day 4: Thankful for my niece & nephew. thankful they are funny kids with great personalities who are living life to the fullest.

Day 5: Thankful for my 2 idiots (some people call them dogs)

Day 6: Thankful for my key lime tree and a Grandmother Evelyn who at 90 is still alive and showed me how to make key lime pie.

Day 7: Thankful for all my Type A friends who organize and plan so I don’t have to.

Day 8: Thankful for my Mom. An amazing woman who is both a role model and a friend.

Day 9: Thankful for the physical ability and the means to travel and see the world.

Day 10: Thankful for coffee.

Day 11: Thankful I live in America & thankful for our freedom. Happy Veteran’s Day.

Day 12: Thankful for technology & all my wonderful friends and family who used it to wish me Happy Birthday.

Day 13: Thankful for road trips with good friends.

Day 14: thankful for a grandpa who fed me pickles & olives as a kid for it has helped define my refined pallet of today.

Day 15: Thankful for the continued ability and desire to learn

Day 16: Thankful for non-event days

Day 17: Thankful for a Dad that loves sports, electronics, competition & music and thankful I got a little bit of those traits.

Day 18: thankful for 80 degree weather in mid November

Day 19: thankful for a job that challenges me in an industry that I love with some pretty cool co-workers.