Insider Information

Is there really such a thing as “insider information” anymore? How about “breaking news”?

Or has the internet made that obsolete? Or is the internet the new “news”?

Nowadays, you can figure out just about anything online. Google has made information literally just a click away.

I was having an interesting conversation this weekend about it.  The guy I was at breakfast with threw out a baseball stat I didn’t think was correct. So, I googled it. He was (alas) correct. After I conceded, he said “its my stat, why didn’t you believe me?” (and yes, I was at breakfast with a guy that happened to hold this particular record in collegiate baseball) I was talking to the guy himself, yet I googled. I was with Mr “Insider Information” himself. Yet, I googled.

Now, this is an extreme example I know but I think the internet has made everyone experts. 

Another example at work this week.

We were trying to keep a feature about the new arena under wraps but someone leaked it.

It seems it’s impossible to “plan” a release of something.

The information seems to get out before anyone can get it together in an official capacity. Think Obama on “Osama”. That news was all over Twitter before the TV could get Obama on for an official annoucement.

Gone are the days we rely on “sources” for information. Seems like now, every Joe has acces to the same stuff. And everyone is willing to share it.

Do you agree?