Iceland – Let the Drama Begin…

Hopefully I’m heading to Iceland tommorrow. (and YES, Iceland is actually GREEN see pic to left)

I say “hopefully” b/c I don’t have a passport yet.  The short version of a L-O-N-G story is i forgot to renew last November when in Nepal. If you want the backstory on my expiring visa & to see proof on how I apparently am not a quick learner click here.

For the record, I have a very good reason for not getting a new passport  involving moving cross country, my lack of like for all things government and a PODS storage unit but I won’t bore you.

My travel plans currently hinder on a courrier by the name of Steve in a OJ style white van (his scary words not mine) picking up my passport from the Washington consulate between 3:30 – 5:30pm tommorrow and then driving 242.6 miles to JFK airport in NY to deliver to me in person sometime BEFORE my 11:35pm departure time.

Yep, you read that right.

Honestly, I’m not too worried about it which is SHOCKING to my friends and family. One friend (kind of hatefully if you ask me) said ” I hope you don’t make it to teach you a lesson b/c this kind of stuff always works out for you and it makes me sick”.

Bitter, party of 1 anyone?

Anyway, “hopefully” I’ll be in the Blue Lagoon Thursday by noon.

Look at that photo. It looks amazing right? I think I NEED to be in that spa!

Hope i make it…


Sports Lesson

So, i wrote this blog while watching NOLES baseball this weekend.

To be honest, I was very upset when I first thought of this blog idea.

I mean, the guy got robbed. Not literally, but on a call. A call at the plate. A close call at the plate. He was clearly safe and yet the ump called him out. And, I was ticked.

It brought me right back to the game. See, I was a softball pitcher for the first 20 years of my life. Ok, maybe years 5-20 but still i had been there one too many times. Many, many times.  I thought about all the times I knew the ump had it wrong. Some of their mistakes cost us the game.

So, there I was sitting in the stands thinking about how wrong the ump was when it hit me.

Bad things happen to good people. Calls don’t always go your way. Sometime there is no explanation for why or how you were wronged. You just were.

Its a little thing I like to call life.

Now, i’m half joking. And before someone sends me hate mail for making “light” of a serious situation, i know that some of you are facing very serious issues. Things that aren’t fair. People who have clearly wronged you.

All that being said, i think if more people recognized the little things (like a bad call at a baseball game) for what they were, we’d all be better off.

Some times the best thing to do is just move on.