The Kings Speech

So, I’m late to the party in watching this movie, The Kings Speech. If you are too, here’s the preview.

Amazing movie.

Go. Watch. it.

So many undergoing themes I can barely digest it all let alone write about it.

I kept dwelling on this one line said by Winston Churchill to the Duke of York in reference to if his brother will continue to be King or choose to step down.

“Will the King do what he wants or will he do what is right & that which is expected of him?”

Interesting question and one we face constantly. In my industry, I hear itall the time in regards to are our athletes role models? And then the constant discussion on are they even supposed to be?

Will you/them/I live within your own little world doing what you want or will you step up and be the person you are supposed to become?

Trust me, I don’t believe it’s easy. In fact, I’ve got to believe it’s actually quite hard. To become all you are supposed to be is not the easy way in this thing we call life.

In the movie trailer it states, “Some men are born great, and others have greatness thrust upon them”.

I don’t believe that.

I think we all have the chance to be great at something.

All we have to do is get out of our comfort zone, take a risk and step into our potential.

What do you think?

Why Offering Less Options is a Good Marketing Strategy

This is a picture of my niece at the toy Emporium in Disney.

It was the end of a very long day and she had been great. No whining. No crying. Walking all over the Magic Kingdom with a good attitude so as a reward I said she could pick out any toy she wanted.

Have you been to Disney lately? Holy cow! Those people know how to pimp a toy.

She stared at the toys on walls and shelves for a solid 20 minutes.

She walked around and around and around the store just staring in awe at all the toys.

 She was paralyzed and overwhelmed with options.

She finally chose a toy but only when i narrowed down her choices. I literally had to pick 3 items and have her pick one.

I watched her and thought to myself how many times I have been in the same situation as a customer. Usually, if i’m faced with too many options, i just decide to do nothing.

When overwhelmed with choices, I am paralyzed to the point of inactivity.

As a marketer that’s a bad option to put in front of any potential customer.

If you think about it, many a business has been built on limited choices.

Take GroupOn for example. One good deal a day. Do you want it or not?

Or how about Inn N out? What kind of hamburger do you want?

The bottom line is, I’m a big fan of limited choices. Make them good choices but limit them.

Do you agree?