The RedBox Enigma

Today GroupOn launched the following deal good nationwide.

Immediately, I thought to myself “I have to send this to my parents”. They will love the 3 for $1 deal. Then, i thought “who else should I send this to?” And the answer was clearly “No one.” My parents are in this category alone.

See, my Dad introduced me to RedBox last time I was home. Before then, I had no clue this thing existed.

Seriously, why is the RedBox concept working? I’d like to think of myself as someone that is digitally and marketing savvy. I would NEVER consider going to RedBox. So, why is something that is a step back from the Blockbuster of old actually working?

Here are a few possible  reasons. Price, Experience, No human interaction.

Truthfully, as a marketer I don’ t really care about the reason people go (other than in the context of understanding how to market). What matters to me is this is yet another in-your-face-example of why we are at a time where we MUST marketing to multiple generations and why we have to do it in a way that makes sense to them.

I don’t understand RedBox. It seems like a complete hassle when I could just order the same movies on Itunes and watch at home without leaving. Heck, I don’t even own a DVD player anymore. Everything is on my computer.

But the point is not whether or not I understand. If it was, then I could have a single marketing strategy aimed at getting more people just like me and call it a day.

Unfortunately, there are very few of us are in a business where we have that luxury and therefore, we must adjust our marketing accordingly b/c last time I checked my parents dollar is just as good as mine.

My Day at the Circus

Costume room
On Friday, I got the pleasure of attending a mtg at the Feld Campus in Palmetto, FL. All the FELD tours start & end on this 20 acre campus right here in FL.

I was able to meet Kenneth Feld himself & his team who are legends in the live events business. I could immediately see why. He’s smart, & obviously business savvy as he’s been redefining the “circus” while keeping the brand in tact for decades upon decades. Not to mention adding shows & other business lines into the mix.

It was great day but I had 1 important take away from the meeting.

You are never too old to stop learning & stop dreaming.

Of course, I knew this. But, sometimes we get caught up in the rat race & forget it’s ok to dream.

Here is a company that has made it’s business on entertaining people who want to imagine the impossible.

My favorite quote of the trip was from their head of production who said “if you can imagine it, I can build it“.

So, here’s to dreaming of something great today!


PS – Watch this video I entitled “The making of the dragon”. If you are like me, you probably never thought about how one of these characters gets made. Trust me, alot of hard work goes into all the FELD shows you see.

The Paradox of Online Closeness

I recently read this opinion on how social media is postively affecting our culture.

Interesting to me mainly b/c i’ve been internally (and by internally, i mean in my own head) debating this issue for awhile.

See, there was a guy that I really didn’t care for. I was FB friends with him b/c I didn’t want to take a hard stand not to be his friend (C’mon, we’ve all been there). Then, as i started to interact with him on FB my feelings changed. I thought he’s clever, funny, owns a dog and seems to be a better person than I thought. Could I have been wrong?

Then, I actually hung out with him in person for the first time in years. Guess what? I just really don’t like the guy. He can post whatever he wants on FB but when I’m with him in person I just think he’s kind of an ass. His “social personality” and real personality are not the same in my book.

Sound confusing? It is.

I thought this part of the article was interesting “the Internet doesn’t steal our humanity, it reflects it. The Internet doesn’t get inside us, it shows what’s inside us”

Is that true? My gut tell me the Internet reflects what we want it to show.

What do you think?

The Power of Social Media

I’m in shock by the story i’m about to share.

I lost my wallet this weekend at the PBR event. What can i say? I was all over that huge stadium and at the end of the night I had no clue where my wallet is.

Losing a wallet sucks.

But, it sucked even more because i was flying out the next day and my wallet contained my license. I seriously had no idea how to fly without ID.

I was getting ready to call the airline or go to the police station when i got the following email attached to a Facebook request.

Lynn W. I have something of yours and if you want it please call me at xxx.xxxx

Yep, someone had found my wallet.

Here’s what is shocking:

1. The lady who found it was probably 60+ years old. She wasn’t even on FB. She just joined so she could find me. Said my photo looked young and she had heard young people were into FB (And yes, this comment made my week).

2. There is no way she probably could have located me any other way. I move. ALOT. My license was in TX at a house i know longer live at. She most likely would have mailed my wallet to the place on my drivers license. It’s 50/50 whether I would have EVER gotten it but I can guarantee it wouldn’t have been in time for my flight.

Instead, I called her. She was 15 minutes away from my current location.

So, basically i found my wallet with little heartache.

And I owe it all to FaceBook.

The End.

And I hired a trainer…

So, i got a trainer this past week. Still not sure exactly how it happened. One day I’m at lunch with a friend and he’s complaining about his wife and how she has him on this workout/eating regiment and the next day I’m signed up for his wife to train me.

Truth is, I haven’t been working out with a trainer since Dallas. Because no one can come close to my boy Mitch. Well that and the fact I kind of hate working out.

Let me clarify. I love to run. Love it. I’m a cardio girl. But put me near a dumbell and i might break out in hives. All that being said, I know it’s important. And, I know I won’t do it on my own so thus, my new trainer.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent so let’s just call her Jillian. Before I even met her, i knew she was a n0-nonsense type of girl. How did I know this?

Exhibit A: Our initial Conversation

Me: I’d like to sign up for 2x weekly sessions. What are your rates?

Jillian: $40 for half hour and $65 for an hour but if you last more than 30 minutes anytime your first month, I’ll give you a $20 refund.

Me: Why’s that?

Jillian: b/c you’ll probably puke before 30 minutes are up. Most of my clients can only handle 30 minutes.

And scene….

I swear that is EXACTLY how the conversation went. In my mind, I was thinking really? this is your sales pitch to new clients? And then I thought, maybe she’s being funny and her husband is playing a prank on me.

Day One:

On my first day, Jillian says she’ll go easy on me. Wants to see what i’ve got and run me through some tests. Here’s a quick overview on the results.

Body Fat %: Seriously? I might be part whale. Are you supposed to be made up of 24% fat?

Plank: I held this for 1 min. I almost died doing that long and when I was done she proclaimed it “average, at best”.

Cardo: Pass. But, like Jillian said “there’s always room for improvement”

Balance: Apparently, I was about as balanced as a drunk sailor

Sit Up test: She did this at min 37. I vomited internally on sit up #4. Yep, sit up #4. Granted they weren’t normal sit ups but seriously? I can do 4 situps before puking.

Chin Up test: ZERO. I can not for the life of me do a chin up.

As you can see, the testing went well.

Jillian left me with the following advice. “I need you to drink a gallon of water a day from here on out”. 

Stupidly, I said ok. Although in my defense I think i was still in shock over the testing.

Now, i’m not sure what the strategy is for a gallon of water. Maybe she wanted to lower my body fat %, maybe she thought drinking all that water would make me take my mind of her torture. Who knows? All i do know is drinking a gallon of water is not for the faint of heart. It’s serious people. Go ahead, try it one day. You have to concentrate to make it happen. That’s ALOT of water.

I did it but I had to take a few of my meetings that day in the bathroom 🙂

That’s it. Tommorrow I start the 7 day cleanse my trainer is recommending so wish me luck.


I can take credit for nothing I’m about to share.

Truth is I started a new job with a pretty brilliant ownership group and amazing staff that had alot of this stuff already figured out.

ALL IN is the new vision for the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. It’s meaning is simple. We want everyone in Tampa to be involved with us and better yet, we want to be involved with them. I don’t care if you like hockey or not, my hope is to give you a reason to come to the games regardless. However, if you do like hockey we happen to be playing some pretty good darn hockey these days. 

Now, from what I hear the past few years have been a little bit of an up & down rollercoaster here for sports fans in Tampa Bay. That changed the moment Jeff Vinik bought this team. And then the best news happened when this already smart man made the even smarter decision to hire Steve Yzerman to run the hockey ops and Tod Leiweke to run the buisness.

This week 3 HUGE announcements happened.

1. We launched a new logo (Watch this httpv:// ) We also revealed one of the most innovative Season Ticket perks I’ve ever seen. Every full season ticket holder gets a FREE home, personalized jersey with a chip embedded in it’s sleeve that gives them 25% off food at all concession stands and 35% off merchandise here at the St Pete Times Forum. Pretty awesome.

2. Vinck pledged $10Million in charitable donations BACK to Tampa Bay. Watch this amazing video that tells the story. httpv://

3. Vinck pledged $35Million of his own money to renovate the St Pete Times Forum. httpv:// His OWN money. Seriously. Who does that? Well, apparently, he does 🙂

All I know is I won the lottery when I got offered a job with this organization and these people.

Consider me ALL IN.