Fond Farewall to the PBR

Farewell is really the wrong word b/c although technically I’m no longer working for the Professional Bullriders, I will always be a fan.

But, that’s not the point of this blog. The point is to say goodbye to friends, co-workers, fans and riders. Well, not goodbye really. Since if there’s one thing i’ve learned in life is that life repeats itself. So, i’m pretty sure i’ll run into these great people again.

Let me start with my staff and co-workers. When I got here 2 years ago, i inherited a marketing team that was hungry for leadership and was comprised of some pretty great people. And not just on the marketing team.

One of the greatest compliments i got as I was leaving today was an employee telling me “you can always hang your hat on the fact you turned around a dept that was swirling in the toilet bowl when you got here”.  A little dramatic but I knew what they meant 🙂 And I couldn’t have done it without the team (both inherited and new) that believed in me & our collective ability to make a difference. For that, I am grateful.

Next, I’ll address the riders of these great sport. I’ve been inudated with tweets, calls, hugs, emails from some of the best athletes and stock contractors of this fine sport we know as PBR. No sport can beat the authenticity and just plain “goodness” of our riders. (is goodness a word?). Salt of the earth people  participate in this sport. It’s been an honor to know you and market a product I truly believe in.

Finally, the fans. I’m seriously humbled beyond belief. Twitter has allowed me to interact in a new way with our PBR fans and I’ve met some amazing people. From my man David Dix who started a #we’regonnamissyouLynn hashtag to the countless well wishes I’ve gotten since the announcement, I’m happy to say the PBR really truly has the best fans on the planet. Thank you for following this great sport and for letting me become a PBR Tweetheart.

It’s been a great ride. Thanks for your part in it.

4 Resolutions Marketers Should Make & Keep in 2011

Got a great little packet of info in the mail today from Exact Target with some New Year’s resolutions anyone in Marketing Should Adhere to. Since I agreed with them whole heartedly, I decided to save myself the time of rewriting and just share them directly with you.

Find out more about how Exact Target can help you with your marketing needs today. Call my boy Greg Price. He’ll hook you up!

4 Resolutions:

1. Make Data the Foundation of your Marketing. Assess Your Data. Implement a Program. Measure Often. Investigate.

2. Use Mobile to Connect with My Customers. Add text. Be Mobile Specific. Create Mobile Vision.

3. Market to Your Customers Like the Individuals They Are: Custom marketing. Listen Via Social Media. Add Value.

4. Make Social Media a Real Part of the Marketing Mix.

There you have it. Get started.



8 Mistakes People Make While Leading Change

This is a book review of the Harvard Buisness Review on Change. Since I’m about ready to change jobs and am a part of new ownership, I found this book very interesting.

It states there are 8 errors companies make when attempting to Lead Change. They are as follows:

1. Not Establishing a Great Enough Sense of Urgency. It states that IF 75% of the company’s management is not convinced that business as usual is totally unacceptable then change will not be successful.

2. Not Creating a Powerful Enough Guiding Coalition. Meaning people across the board need to buy in to what you are doing.

3. Lacking a Vision. You must be able to communicate your vision in 5 min or less.

4. Undercommunicating the Vision. People who do this well, do it daily. Not just at the press conference or all staff meeting.

5. Not Removing Obstacles to the New Vision.  Bottom line, if people aren’t on board with the new vision they should be removed.

6. Not Planning for Short Term Wins. Self explanatory. Let people see some success of the new vision in the short term.

7. Declaring Victory Too Soon. Instead of declaring victory, use the short term wins to tackle even bigger problems.

8. Not Anchoring Changes in the Corporations Culture. Two factors are important in initializing corporate change. First, show people how the new approaches, behaviors, etc have helped performance. Second, take time to make sure the next generation of top management really does personify the new approach.

Good news for me. I’m going to an Organization that will NOT be making these mistakes. The new owners and leadership team are well on their way to implementing a vision and people are on board.

I’m expecting to be a part of BIG THINGS and am very excited about it.

Great, Free Idea for Apple Store

I truly think the Iphone4 is amazing which is why parting with my Iphone at any time causes me a slight panic attack. And yes, I know there is something seriously wrong with that statement but it’s true.

Today, I had the greatest experience at Apple except for one part. See, I had dropped my phone causing the back to shatter and the camera to have a permanent mark across any of my pictures. I went into the store fully expecting to pay for a new phone.

Fortunately, I was wrong. A great lady named Cheri not only fixed my phone and camera but said these magic words “it’s included in your Apple Care”. Now, i don’t know what apple care is or if I bought that or if it’s standard but I don’t really care.

I was a happy camper.

So, what was the problem?

It all happened when Cheri said the following: “I have to take your phone in the back to fix it. It will take about 10 minutes”.

So, off course, I promptly got up to go with my phone to the back. That’s when she stopped me and said “Sorry, you have to wait here”.

Say what? You mean me and my phone have to part?


What am I supposed to do out here in the store for 10 whole minutes without my phone?

It was then that brillance struck me. I casually asked Cheri if there was any way I could watch her work on my phone on a monitor of some kind.

You know how it is. Like when you are at church and your child’s number comes up if there is a problem. Or when I send my dogs to daycare, I can check them out on a website.

Cheri laughed then realized I wasn’t joking. I was dead serious. At that point she looked at me like i was one step away from Crazy Train. And said “Sorry, we can’t do that” then quickly grabbed my phone and went behind the big door.

I seriously contemplated going after her.

This is a good idea people. Might even be a great idea.

Here’s hoping someone at Apple reads this and takes me up on it.

Until then, fortunately my phone came back apparently unharmed. But we’ll never know if it was traumatized those 10 minutes we were apart.


As with anything your strengths are most likely to become your weaknesses. One of my strengths is action. I do not sit around and wait. I do not overanalyze. I make a strategic plan and then I act.

My Dad always likes to give me advice and recently when I was home, he repeated this quote “You can’t plough a field by turning it over in your mind”.

Good advice. Think about it.

I also recently read the following blog by @mikemyatt called the need for speed. In it, he describes why action is more important than perfection. He also quotes:

“A good plan violently executed today is far & away better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” General George S Patton 

I couldn’t agree more.So, the reality is you need balance. Have to plan before you act. But, once you have a plan, let’s do it!

We live in a world where people’s attention spans are short. Waiting too long = missed opportunity.

So quit thinking about doing that next thing and Just Do it!

You dont really love (insert team here).

Everyone has a favorite team or sport right? Whether it’s a college or an NFL team or Hockey, or some other sport, there are some serious fan’s out there.

I’m one of them. This post was hard to write. Mainly b/c I’m a die-hard Seminole fan. But the reality is I really don’t love the Seminoles.

Say What?

Yep, if you are one of my friends you would be calling me a bold face LIAR right now. So, what do I mean?

I mean what you love isn’t the team, product, sport, etc. What you love is the emotion or how it makes you feel.

But, I really love the NOLES (i say to myself). No, Not really.

I love the emotion they make me feel.

I love being associated with an exciting football program.

I love being in the stands with 80,000 people on game day b/c the energy makes me feel alive.

I love being angry when we lose.

I love thinking back to my college community and in fact, always associating community with Florida State b/c of the friends I made there.

I’m in Sports Marketing so this is an easy revelation for me.

Connect emotion with your team/product and you’ll have life-long fans.

For most, this happens naturally (like the fact I’m a Bears fan b/c I associated the Bears with spending Sunday afternoons with my Dad growing up). I’ll be a fan whether they know I am or not (for the record, I don’t think they know b/c they never market to me)

But, what if we could create that emotional connection as a marketer? This is not just in sports, it’s in any product you have. The best products out there have RAVING fans.


That’s what it’s all about. Elicit that and you have fans for life.

Whatever biz you are in, you have a product to sell. You have some people that are selling it for you already.

do you know who those people are?

Are you helping them spread the word?

New Year, New Job

So, nothing like jumping into 2011 with both feet.

I’m moving and changing jobs. My announcement via Twitter caused quite the commotion.

Exciting news! I’m moving back 2 FL this month. Unfortunately, that means I have 2 leave The great sport@teampbr. Least they play in Tampa

I was actually surprised by the reaction. I’ve got to keep remembering people actually read what I write. PBR fans started tweeting me, the riders were sending me notes, apparently it was a shock to some. So, let me clear that part up.

First, the PBR is an amazing organization. I have absolutely LOVED my job the last 2 years. If you don’t believe me you can read my Shameless plug for why you should watch the PBR.

Bottom line is this. 2 years ago, i didn’t realize the sport existed. Now, I will never forget. I have been honored to meet some of the best people on the planet, true American Cowboys and be apart of a team that accomplished amazing things. I will always be a big fan.

But, life goes on.

I’ve accepted the head marketing job with the Tampa Bay Lightning. I knew almost immediately that I needed to have this job. I’m excited for so many things. The Lightning have a BRIGHT future and I am impressed with the new ownership group and the leadership team they have in place. I’m expecting big things and you should too. Put us on your radar.

And of course, personally it couldn’t get any better for me. I’m a Florida girl. Always have been, always will be. I prefer HEAT any day of the week. I grew up there, went to college there and hope to die there.

So, that’s a little more of an explanation for you guys for those that are asking.

I’ll be in Florida mid January so drop me a line if you are heading that way.